Wi-Fi Diagnostic and Repair

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Many iPhone users complain about Wi-Fi connection issues when stopping in for an iPhone repair. It looks like you have a decent signal and you have checked that you are connected. So, why does every web page give you an error message about being unable to connect? Even worse, your phone seems to be the only one having problems connecting.

If your iPhone seems to fail constantly when you try to get onto a Wi-Fi network you can try these troubleshooting options to see if they will help before seeking help from our cellphone repair Central Oregon store.

1. Check your router- One of the first things you should check is if your router is working properly. Look to see if it is powered on and all of the cords are securely attached. If the router is on and transmitting correctly, ensure that you are close enough to it so that you can be sure you are within range of its signal. You may also want to reboot your router.

2. Check your phone’s Wi-Fi- Go into your settings and tap into your Wi-Fi tab. Check to make sure your Wi-Fi is turned on. Toggle the connection switch to off and let it remain off for about thirty seconds. Turn the switch back on and tap the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to. A blue check mark will appear next to the network’s name when you have successfully connected. Try allowing the auto-join option to see if that helps.

3. Toggle your airplane mode- Access your airplane mode through your control center by swiping upwards on your screen. It is the button with a silhouette of a plane on it. Simply tap it on and allow it to remain on for about ten seconds. Then, tap it once more to get it to shut off. Finally, test out your phone to see if you are now able to connect.

4. Reboot your phone- Sometimes a software glitch can affect different parts of your phone. Rebooting it every so often can help it start fresh and correct any of these glitches. To reset your phone, press the power button until your power off slider appears. Swipe to the right and let your phone sit in the off position for about a minute before trying to turn it back on.

5. Reset your network- Go back into your settings and tap the general tab. Next, hit reset and then reset the network. This will return the network to a factory-like state. So, your passwords and settings will be erased.

Unfortunately, if none of these troubleshooting efforts work, you may need to seek out smartphone repair in Bend Oregon. Here at Bend iPhone Repair, you will find skilled technicians who can get your Wi-Fi diagnosed and repaired fast. 

We are a premier iPhone repair company in Bend Oregon and can take care of other iPhone repair issues and even iPhone battery replacement all at once so you leave with a phone that feels like it did the first day you bought it.