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Should you put your Phone in rice?....Only if you want to buy a new Phone.


Most of us have, or know someone that has, lost a Phone and all its data due to irreparable Water Damage.

Contrary to popular belief, DO NOT put the Phone in a "bag of rice" after it has been completely submerged in a liquid.

For the best chance of “saving” your Phone from failure, BUT ONLY if your Phone has been COMPLETELY submerged in liquid and is not "water resistant", should the following be done:
1.  DO NOT take the Phone out of the liquid and EXPOSE IT TO AIR.

2.  Instead, scoop up the Phone in something (like a Ziploc baggie) keeping the Phone completely submerged and sealed in the liquid.  Yes, that includes toilet water! 

3.  DO NOT PLUG-IN or POWER ON THE PHONE.  Irreparable internal electrical damage will likely occur to the device if powered on.

4.  Get the Phone to our shop as soon as feasibly possible.
We wish it were as easy as setting the Phone out to dry.  Unfortunately, it is not.

We have unique tools and equipment best suited to handle and reverse the effects of Liquid introduction.  Through our training, and specially designed recovery process, there is a 90% success rate of Phone recovery if the (4) steps are taken by the owner.

The number one thing that causes a Phone to permanently fail is:  Corrosion.

The Corrosion clock starts the second the Phone is removed from the liquid and put in a "bag of rice".
Keeping the Phone sealed in the liquid from which it came, prevents the Corrosion clock from starting.
If the occurrence happens after hours, and the proper steps are administered, not to worry.  Remember, the corrosion clock is stopped.

The restoration process can sometimes take up to 24 hours to complete.

Besides Toilet water, we have also successfully recovered phones for our customers that had:

- Dropped their phone in a pot of "cold" deep-fryer cooking oil.

- Dropped their phone in a bucket of 10/40 motor oil.

- A full bottle of SPF 15 Sunscreen explode in a Zip-Lock bag that was shared with the        phone on a 100+ degree river float trip, completely saturating the phone internally.

- Washed their kids iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 7 plus in a load of dirty clothes while on vacation.  Worth Noting:  Because the customer did not have rice or a charger on hand, instead of going to the store to get them, they visited our shop.  Resulting in both phones and all content intact.  Through our recovery process, all the "Original" components still work strong, as if it never happened.

We have heard it all from placing the phone in Rice, Oatmeal and Pillow Cases (Tooth-Fairy didn't like that surprise), to other Repair Shops unsuccessfully "placing the phone in a bed of Silica Gel Packs", similar to what you would find in Beef Jerky Pouches and Shoe Boxes...

Nope, doesn't work.  A waist of precious time.

We take that back about rice.  We have had a few identical situations where rice did save the phone.

Case in Point...

A customer arrived at our Shop with a phone pleading for our help, informing us that "it had been placed in rice for 8 days, prior to throwing-in-the-towel".  The customer indicated that the iPhone 7 "wont even respond to a charge".

Per our inspection, besides internal standing water, we discovered that a single Grain of Rice was lodged inside the charge port preventing the customer from making a charge connection to the phone.

In other words, electricity was not able to be introduced to water that was still in the phone.

The phones "water-resistant-seal" designed to slow down the penetration of water (not water-proof), trapping the water that made its way inside the phone from getting out.

End result, we were able to complete the water treatment restoration to a phone that was not fried by electricity and water, and is now working again perfectly.


At our shop, steps will be taken to restore the Device to its happier condition.

Resulting in time and money saved;  Time and Money that can be used getting you back out doing the things you enjoy !

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