for most iPhone *Models.

As part of a reward for being the Premier iPhone repair shop in Bend Oregon, Bend iPhone Repair was chosen to be the Exclusive repair shop to offer this screen Insurance protection plan.

Beginning January 2, 2019 and still going strong


All of our customers that purchase a Screen replacement, will be automatically covered by an “Insured Screen Protection Plan”.


**Manufacturer Lifetime Warranties, give a false sense of security, and never cover accidental Screen cracking or breaks.

Other types of Screen coverage, like CellHelmet glass screen protector, require an upfront fee of $10 to $25 whether you exercise the coverage or not, and will expire after only 1 year of protection.  When your screen breaks, a CellHelmet approval request App form will need to be filled out and sent in before you can even find out if your claim will be excepted and covered?  That could take several days, while you and your phone hang in the balance...

Our Insurance coverage plan insures the iPhone against cracks due to accidental damage to the Screen.  No need for Glass Screen Protectors that usually lift around the edges, look bad and cause touchscreen sensitivity issues.  (In other words, if you drop your iPhone and the Screen cracks)  Return to our shop and pay a $25 Insurance replacement fee to have the full Screen assembly replaced.  Same day.


How it works, and what the Insurance protection plan covers:

  1. In order to activate the Insurance protection plan with an iPhone, a Screen replacement will need to be implemented (purchased).  No recurring fees.

  2. Information for the Insurance plan will be documented, registering the iPhone to the individual, such as:  First and Last name, Date the screen was installed, iPhone model and IMEI (serial) number.

  3. If the phone is locked-out after a Screen replacement and cannot access the IMEI #, you will have 48 hours to get us that number in order to activate the Screen Insurance coverage.  Otherwise, the Screen coverage will be void.

  4. For as long as you keep the iPhone:  Whenever the iPhone Screen breaks, simply return to our shop.  We will verify your ID, pull up your Screen Insurance binder info that we have on file, and process the claim.  You then pay a $25 Insurance replacement fee (price may be subject to change over time).  The damaged Screen will be replaced with a brand-new high quality in stock Screen, all in the same day, no sending your phone away, or waiting for approval, no questions asked.  Pretty simple.

  5. There is no limit to how often the Screen Insurance replacement can be exercised.  Same exact process each time, as per line (4.) above.

  6. The Insurance plan is non-transferable if the registered iPhone is:  Sold, Lost, Stolen, or Replaced.

  7. When needed, the Insurance plan can be activated again with the purchase of a regular price Screen replacement on a different iPhone.

  8. *The Insurance plan currently covers:  iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, SE, 6, 6 plus, 6s, 6s plus, 7, 7 plus, 8, 8 plus,            SE 2nd Gen.  The Insurance plan will add upcoming iPhone models as they become more common.

  9. The Insurance plan only covers and applies to cracked Screens.  *The Insurance plan does not cover any other damaged or compromised parts related to the iPhone.

  10. For families, multiple iPhones may be insured under the same name, through recording the IMEI (serial) number for each phone.

  11. If the Insurance plan is never needed/used:  *there is no payable cash value for unused Insurance coverage.

  12. If the Screen internal tamper proof seal that we put in place is ever compromised by or removed by a third party, the Insurance coverage plan for the iPhone will be void.

Thanks for being a customer with Bend iPhone Repair!