Speaker Repair/Replacement

If the speaker on your iPhone is not working properly, it can cause a lot of frustration. Not only can you not talk to people hands-free while you drive or multi-task, but you cannot hear alerts for texts and other important messages or even enjoy your music. Before you run to a cell phone store in Bend Oregon, try out the troubleshooting tips written here.

Typical signs your speaker needs to be repaired are:

• No sound when playing music
• Inability to hear calls on speakerphone
• May only be able to take calls using a headset
• Crackling noises or heavy static
• Audio intermittently drops and comes back
• Audio fades back and forth from loud to quiet

In some cases, your speaker may be experiencing software issues. If your iPhone is having software issues, you may still be able to take calls through the earpiece but if you attempt to take a call over speakerphone there is just silence.

A speaker malfunctioning due to software problems can be split into one of two groups: hitting the button to switch a call to the speaker does not switch it over, and the speakerphone seems to work but the other person on the line cannot hear you.




Troubleshooting your iPhone                                             
1. Restart your iPhone

It is good to give your phone a reboot now and then. Often minor software glitches can be corrected through this method. During a restart, all of your phone's programming is shut down and brought back online with a fresh start.

To restart your iPhone you simply need to shut it down, wait about ten seconds, and then turn it back on. Initiate a shut down by pressing and holding the power button until a sliding button appears. Swipe the slider and your phone will turn itself off. To power back on, press and hold the power button until the logo pops on your screen.

2. Refreshing the phone app

The phone app is the program that handles your incoming and outgoing calls. When you are looking to have your iPhone product repaired in Bend Oregon, we may tell you that once in a while, your iPhone can also benefit from being restarted. This helps the program resolve any software glitches and restart normally.

To refresh your phone you need to double click the home button so your app switcher is brought up. To close out the app, swipe it off the screen.

3. Reset your Network Settings

Performing a reset to your network settings will put them back to the factory defaults. That means any personal settings on your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VPN, and cellular network will be removed. Issues with the phone app where it has malfunctioned or become corrupted can often be resolved when reverted to settings that work.

To reset your network open the settings menu. Choose general- reset- reset network settings. Your phone will prompt you for your password and then ask you to confirm your choice.

If none of those troubleshooting methods work to bring the sound back to your iPhone, it is time to look into other options like iPhone repair. Broken speakers are frustrating and you know it is time for a replacement if you cannot hear audio through the earpiece or broadcast through the speakers. 

At that point, you will likely be looking for cellphone repair services since it will save you money when compared to buying a new phone. Our company, Bend iPhone Repair performs iPhone repair in Bend Oregon. We provide iPhone repair and services for all of central Oregon. Give us a call when your iPhone goes on the fritz.

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