iPhone/iPad Faulty Screen Repairs 

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The screen on your phone is more complex than just a slab of glass. Most phones these days use layered parts to gain the functionality and interactivity associated with modern cell phones. Your iPhone screen is likely made up of these three parts:

1. LCD: LCD stands for liquid crystal display. This is the very slim and flat layer that actually displays what you see on the screen.

2. Digitizer: Another thin layer that makes up your screen is called the digitizer. This layer is transparent and sits between the LCD and glass layers. This digitizer is basically a sensor that allows the interactivity to happen by it sensing your touch and responds with the applicable actions like pinching, zooming, and tapping. It does this by converting analog signals to digital signals so that your phone understands them.

3. Glass: This is the layer you may have thought was the only one that made up your screen. In reality, this is only the thicker outer sheet of glass. It provides protection to the other two, more delicate, layers on your device.
Your phone screen will likely need to be replaced if any of these three layers become damaged because most phones use a fused assembly. When you experience a broken LCD you may see what looks like an ink spill, off-colored streaks, and pixels, or it may not show any images at all even if you can see the backlight come on.


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Broken glass is easy to assess since it is the outer most layer. You will be able to visibly see and physically touch the cracks on it. Broken glass is mostly superficial and your phone will still be usable and work properly. However, a cracked glass screen can make it extremely difficult to see the content displayed. Even worse, you can slice your finger trying to use your phone. 

It is recommended that the cracked glass be taken care of regardless of its effect on the phone’s use. This is because cracks compromise not just the screen itself, but the underlying delicate layers become susceptible to damage as well. Even the smallest crack weakens the glass and will likely spread and spider worse. It also makes it more likely to shatter if it gets bumped or dropped.

If your screen displays as it should and your glass is intact but your phone does not respond to your touch commands, your digitizer has become unresponsive and may constitute a screen replacement. Our skilled staff will replace glass on any iPhone and perform a repair on-site faster than you expect.

Many find this whole ordeal confusing or complicated and prefer not to deal with it themselves. Others are not comfortable performing their own phone repairs and rightly so, choose not to. Remember that you can always call on our services to quickly fix any issues your iPhone or iPad are experiencing. We get the job done fast and professionally. Bring your phone in for a diagnosis and we can get it back up and running.