Damaged Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Repair and Reconstruction, Chip re-balling, Circuit Jumpers, Solder Pad Re-builds

Image by Brian Kostiuk

There are some issues you find with your iPhone that unfortunately cannot be fixed with a simple reboot and necessitates cellphone repair. The internal components in your phone are very tiny and can become easily damaged when exposed. If you are not experienced in repairing such delicate parts you can cause even more damage. 

That’s where the Bend iPhone Repair comes in. Here at our Bend Oregon store, we can take care of the more technical issues that come up so that you can get back in touch with your connections.
• Damaged Printed Circuit Board- A PCB is the part of your phone that allows it to function. It is covered in complicated circuitry that is meant to execute computer-like operations that are needed for your phone to function as it should. When this part gets damaged it can compromise every aspect and the overall functionality of your phone. Therefore, this happens to be one of the most expensive components to replace. 

Don’t fret, they can be repaired instead which will save you a good chunk of cash.
There are many reasons a circuit board can become damaged but drops and water are the two most common causes. Power surges while charging, bumping your phone hard against something, or a loose component bumping around inside your phone can cause circuit damage.

Some signs that your iPhone’s circuit board may need repair are:

• A burning electrical smell when powered on
• No power
• Your phone is stuck in a boot loop
• Error messages
• Lost data




Chip re-balling- Over time a chip can lose its hold onto a board. When that happens, you will experience serious issues with your iPhone. Chip re-balling involves removing the chip, cleaning the old solder, and adding new solder to give the chip a secure connection to the board. This repair takes precision and specialized tools that most people cannot do themselves. Bend iPhone Repair has the ability to take care of your issues at our smartphone repair shop location.

Circuit Jumpers- Sometimes due to water damage or logic board issues, certain functions or features on your phone will not work. In this case, we offer repair services that use circuit jumpers to get those functions working again. Just think of it as a workaround solution. A jumper allows electricity from an undamaged part of a circuit board to flow to connections on the damaged areas. This gets power to those connections allowing them to work again.

Solder Pad Re-builds- When your chipboard gets grimy and its solder pads are damaged, call Bend iPhone Repair and we will flex our skills to get your phone up and running. After assessing the damage, we will clean the old pads out and rebuild some new and more effective ones. Few people are experienced with this, it is better to leave it to the pros. These parts are small and an unsuccessful DIY can lead to a further damaged and unusable board.