Beware of Repair Shops that offer Genuine OEM LCD* or iPhone Original LCD Screens.



"Apple" does not release, or sell its parts Third Party Repair shops for the purpose of repairs.

For more information about Apple "Right to Repair" visit:




iPhone repair has thus far managed to remain an unregulated industry.


Some Repair Shops offer Apple Original Screens, misleading and luring customers who desire the “best of the best”.

There are enterprises that purchase working previously used Apple Original cracked screens from the internet.  In turn, these enterprises are separating the LCD screen with the Apple (logo ribbon, see pic) from the cracked glass and applying them to new glass.  Then made available to repair Shops, with the Apple logo present (more commonly known as, *Refurbished).

Enabling Shops to sell so-called, "Genuine Apple Original" or "OEM" for top dollar, to the unsuspecting Public.


Most customers would not want parts installed on their phone having come from a used Apple Original Phone that has had prior issues;  Of which, could have an inherent risk of failure.

OEM: What Does It Mean?

OEM stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer". 

These part manufacturing companies are the "original equipment manufacturer" of their product.  Keep in mind that Apple exhausted every effort and made every move, to ensure that their part manufacturer would not go on the side, after hours, to make parts for what would then be called "Black Market".  Which would ensure a breech of contract, landing any and all parties in Prison.  As a result of the unregulated industry, Aftermarket part makers can call their parts OEM.  Therefore, OEM products are usually sold in a generic box or wrapper instead of retail packaging. They’re not meant to ever be on store shelves as a brand original.


*It would not be possible for Shops and Suppliers to stock "new phones" for the purpose of pulling parts from.

For example, it would not be possible for anyone to stock "new cars" for the purpose of pulling parts from.

OEM and Aftermarket phone parts can be one-in-the-same;  Here's why... 


The term Aftermarket:  

Aftermarket refers to a new market of goods that is created to better or maintain a product that was previously sold. (These companies can be called OEM, because they, are the “Original Equipment Manufacturer” of their product).  This concept commonly applies to the automotive industry in which car owners replace parts, such as hubcaps with inexpensive versions that are not made by the vehicle's original manufacturer.

Any repair facility that has not been authorized by Apple, that claims to offer OEM Apple Original replacement screens, will not be brand new  Apple-Original.

Shops that offer OEM Screens are riding the unregulated wave.  Their Screens will either be:  Aftermarket or *Refurbished-Apple-Original.


Aftermarket phone parts are the only parts available for replacement as "brand new" to anyone (any repair shop), and will not have an Apple logo.

Repair Shops that claim to, "Only sell the best available screens on the market and in the World!" are making a false claim.  Its a big world out there...

Due to a saturation of phone part manufacturers (most common in China), the Quality of phone parts available on the market (whether you decide to call them OEM or Aftermarket ?) varies immensely. 

DON’T BE MISLED when in need of a repair !!

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