Charging Problems/Power Faults

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Charging issues are extremely common amongst iPhone users. When your phone cannot charge, it’s a big issue. Many iPhone store employees will tell you that a good portion of their day is spent solving charging problems their customers are having.

A lot of the time people think that a simple battery swap will bring their phone charging problems to an end. However, often it is a software problem that is interfering with your charging. If it is a hardware issue, most often it is a broken or damaged charging port that will need to be replaced. Before you go the route of replacing anything, try out these troubleshooting steps.

1. Perform a hard reset

The iPhone 6s and lower can be hard reset by pressing and holding the power and home buttons until the logo comes on the screen. Once you see the logo, you can let the button go.

If your iPhone is a 7 or 7 Plus, press and hold the power and volume minus buttons down instead.

IPhone models that are 8 and above will need to complete a few simple steps to get it to hard reset. First, rapidly press and let go of the volume up button. Then, do the same for the volume minus button. Finally, press and hold the power button down until you see the Apple logo.


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2. Try a different cable

Sometimes it is not your phone needing smartphone repair at all. Over time your charging cable can become worn where it plugs into your phone. Constant bending of the cord may also lead to broken wires internally. Give your cable a visual inspection for any visible damage. Try swapping out the charging cord for another Apple lightning cable to see if the problem is solved. If you do not have an extra cord, you can try charging another device using the cord to see if it works.

3. Test your wall charger

You should test out the wall USB adapter as well. Try to charge your phone using a computer USB port. If it works, then you know it is the wall adapter that needs to be replaced and not the cord. You can also try a different wall charger since these can also experience issues especially when they are exposed to a power surge.

Remember, when testing cords and wall adapters it is good to use certified products because not all generic or other branded items will work with your phone correctly.

4. Don't make this mistake, by cleaning out your port

Think about all the places you put your phone like your pockets, purse, backpacks, car cup holders, and jacket pockets. Now realize that your charge port is exposed while in those spots. All that lint and debris can easily get caught in the open port and create a blockage. 

An obstructed charge port will be unable to create a good contact with the end of your charging cord. All it takes is a small amount of lint blocking the connection to stop a cord from working.

At Bend iPhone Repair, we have specially designed tools and equipment to handle the delicate port connectors.  Similar to cleaning teeth...

Head down to our iPhone repair shop in Bend Oregon and Bend iPhone Repair will help you with your smartphone repair. We also provide iPhone battery replacement, and other repair services that are professionally done in a reasonable amount of time.